What do Ronin IMS do?
Ronin IMS are a Cargo Solutions company that specialises in providing marine, portside and auditing services. Our services are tailored to client requirements, essentially we give the client exactly what they are looking for. These services range from stand alone, to supplementary, to complete control. The degree of involvement is purely up to the client.

How long has Ronin IMS been providing these services?
We have been providing these services from 2009

What are portside services?
These services entail the physical deployment of our cargo monitors on site to perform a number of activities such as:

  • To independently and efficiently verify stock receipt and dispatch
  • To maintain stockpile surety
  • To maintain good housekeeping procedures
  • To maintain an independent record of any and all stock movements

Why is there a need for portside services?
So often the needs of a client are overlooked in a port environment, due to the sheer scope of the ports various operations. We then ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Who is protecting the clients interest?
  • What surety does the client have that his stock is where it should be?
  • Who is mitigating the clients risk?

Our service aims to answer these questions and provide the client with the peace of mind that their product is in good hands

What companies are in the Ronin Group?
Ronin IMS are a proud member of the Ronin Group, which includes Ronin GMS, Ronin PFS, Ronin Argentina and Ronin Latin America

How do I contact Ronin IMS?
You can contact us phone or email us. Our contact number is +27 35 788 0600. Our e-mail address is office@roninims.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

How do I purchase services from Ronin IMS?
Request a quote telephonically or online.  Make an Enquiry

What is an AIMS audit?
It is a volumetric survey of the commodity.

How accurate is AIMS?
The AIMS system has a standard deviation of 0.25% on volume

How quickly can you get results?
Results are available immediately, but depending on the complexity of the audit they will be available within one working day from the completion of the audit.

Are there any limitations to where the AIMS system can be used?
Audits/Stock verification can be performed on open-air stockpiles, warehoused stockpiles, bunkers and silos.

Why would I need an audit?
Audits can be conducted for a number of reasons, some of which are as follows.

  • To verify the amount of product available prior to shipment.
  • To verify the balance of product after shipment.
  • To verify the stock in the event of a dispute
  • To verify monthly stock balances
  • To perform monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual stock audits on the clients product in accordance with financial audit requirements

Is the AIMS system only available in South Africa?
No, the system is completely portable and hence we are able to provide the service worldwide.

What accreditation does Ronin IMS have?
Ronin IMS are ISO 9001:2008 accredited

Should you have any questions or concerns about Ronin IMS then please contact us or call us on +27 35 788 0600