Last year we reported on a significant shipment of Ronin GMS bulk inventory management systems destined for Egypt.

This shipment represented the largest ever in the history of ‪Ronin‬ ‪‎Grain‬ Management Solutions and was commissioned by our European distributor ‪‎Cimbria‬ for the turn key facilities the company was to install in Egypt.

Thus far each shipment left our shores on time and our manufacturing department have been meeting the production schedule without duress.

We are proud to present one of the first volumetric scan cycles sourced in an 180m diameter ‪‎bulk‬ storage ‪dome‬ utilizing a single ‪‎Artemis300‬ scanner and Ronin’s proprietary ‪Aims‬ software to process and accurately simulate the scan data in an 3D space.

Volumetric Scan Cycles

volumetric scan cycles

Ronin’s Art software will utilise this information to reflect volumes & assist with the effective management of the bulk commodity in storage.