RONIN provides a pit-to-port stock management solution by delivering constant knowledge and control of stock levels, grades, sizing, locations and daily reconciliations between book and actual physical values. This is done by utilising our ARTEMIS LASER SCANNERS and proprietary software, ART, to enable accurate 3D surface mapping, stock management and accounting. 

Whether in the mining, milling, trading, smelting or industrial sectors, production, financial, collateral, marketing and logistic managers constantly have a need for more accurate stock management and technologyRONIN is a solutions company catering to the needs of these bulk commodity handlers in the form of accurate, laser based, inventory management systems and surveying. The Ronin group comprises of offices in Johannesburg and Richards Bay in South Africa, as well as in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Motevideo, Uruguay . From these locations we are able to service the Southern African and South American markets and port users. Ronin also has representation in Europe and are currently in the process of setting up permanent offices in Mozambique and Zambia. 

Our ARTEMIS solution is a surface mapping laser device which scans and plots the entire surface area of a stockpile, using one or multiple scanners. This is accomplished by taking over 10 000 distance measurements, per scanner, over the surface of a stockpile, as seen below.


From the plotted surface area, a point cloud is formed creating a 3D profile of the stockpile. By using this point cloud and taking into account ground levels, structures present and/or the storage vessel dimensions, we are able to accurately calculate the volume of the stored product

 The ART Software platform is the brains behind the system, providing valuable functionalities to assist with finance, collateral management, logistics, marketing and production. The ARTEMIS scanners communicate wirelessly to a dedicated ART PC on-site. Here all the scan data is processed and displayed on the graphic interface.  This interface shows site summaries, occupied and available tonnages, communication statuses, grades, 3D graphic representations and histories. The ART PC is connected to the clients’ network so that management can have up to date knowledge of stock locations, quantities, grades, sizing and histories. All this information is readily available on excel spread sheets or any other CSV files the client should choose to utilise. Integrations enable the system to attribute weighted averages of bulk densities, moistures, sizing, calorific values or any other grading the client would like to utilise, to be applied to every stockpile, bunker or silo on the network. This enables current and weighted averaged grading/sampling data to be utilised and applied, providing greater accuracies of tonnages and grading figures. This integration also enables daily reconciliations to be done between the book value and actual physical stock.  

 The RONIN ART Head Office Server (H.O.S) is available for complete control of all the clients operations at a Head Office level. This is done by networking all the ART PCs on the various sites and processing all the data of each site and stockpiles via a sequel server. This makes daily stock management from a head office prospective a reality. All hardware and Software is developed, manufactured and maintained from our Johannesburg office. The software platform, installation and reporting is customised per client, per site, taking into account the objective and requirements set out by the client

 Laser Configs

AIMS is our alternative solution to the permanent installations as a moment in time stock verification service. Using the same principles of the ARTEMIS scanner, in terms of surface mapping, AIMS provides accurate volumetric data and 3D graphic representations. This service is available for silos, bunkers, warehouses or open-air stockpiles. Bulk density verifications are also done on each stockpile to enable us to report in tonnages. The AIMS report includes volumes, tonnages, 3D representations and any additional observations (i.e. contamination, excess moisture etc.). Dependent on the scope of work, reports are published within 24 hours following the survey. Our Richards Bay office, Ronin Inventory Management Systems, are in a key position to service the port users of the Durban, Richards Bay and Mozambican ports. In addition to the services and systems mentioned above, they provide an independent cargo monitoring service for in and outbound cargo. This includes Tally Services, Port Superintendence/Cargo Monitoring, Cargo Reconciliations, Stock Auditing, Density Verifications, Marine Surveying, Quality Inspections, Sampling and Analysis, Tarping, Ribbed Truck Cleaning and Cargo Screening. Ronin IMS is ISO certified and provides all these services with the highest levels of professionalism.

Quality on-board weighing systems for front-end loaders are also available to assist with stock handling and management. These measure the hydraulic pressure needed to lift the bucket, converting the result into tonnages. The Loadmaster 9000i is trade approved in all EU countries and many countries worldwide, which eliminates unnecessary trips back and forth from the weigh bridge. Even with advanced functionalities such as an internal database for up to 1000 products and/or customers, batch weighing capabilities, target weights, overload logging, tracking and telemetry the Loadmaster is still an simple, cost effective and valuable solution for stock handling and management.

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