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Child Life Coach
That Sassy Life Coach is a Life Coaching Company situated in Johannesburg, who offers a wide range of Coaching services to children of all ages. For over a decade, That Sassy Life Coach’s mission has been to increase the confidence levels in children and to provide them with essential skills to cope with society’s pressure and demands.

In addition to uplifting children, That Sassy Life Coach provides any individuals such as, Au Pairs, Nannies and Teachers, with an educational opportunity to further their knowledge on children, how to identify goals and implement them in both in their own lives and in others, how to effectively manage time and communicate efficiently. All of which will stand you in good stead in any professional, corporate and private environment.

  1. Life Coaching Services for children who struggle with study skills, structure, goal setting and implementation and confidence levels.
  2. Life Coach Training Courses are available to any Au Pairs, Nannies and Teachers looking to further their knowledge on children and to improve their attractiveness of their CV.

Dental Surgeon
Dr Derek Coetzee, a qualified dental surgeon, provides orthodontic braces for both children and adults at a very affordable rate. Dr Derek Coetzee offers a variety of braces with payment plans to suit your budget. With 25 years’ experience in orthodontic treatment, Dr Coetzee is able to assist you with your orthodontic requirements. Simply contact Dr Derek Coetzee direct.

  1. Adult Braces are becoming increasingly popular. Dr Derek Coetzee, experienced in orthodontic treatment, provides adult braces and general orthodontic treatment.
  2. Braces for Kids from 9 years of age. It can help to learn more about orthodontic braces, which straighten your teeth and help give you a beautiful smile
  3. Dermal Fillers fitted by Dr Derek Coetzee. Being a qualified dental surgeon he understands facial structure and therefore knows how to correctly inject dermal fillers in order to obtain the best result for anti-ageing treatment.

Ronin GMS
The leading provider of inventory management solutions in South Africa. Simply contact Ronin GMS direct to enquire about your inventory management solutions.

  1. Precision Farming Systems and guidance farming equipment in Southern Africa.
  2. Guidance Farming Products, Trimble software and automated steering systems.

Ronin PFS
Established in 2005 and is an authorised agent for Trimble, Dickey-John and RDS. if you require further information simply contact Ronin PFS for further information.

  1. Inventory Management Solutions, grain moisture analysis systems and grain management systems.

Interior Designer
If you require an interior designer in Johannesburg to assist you with new design projects, for corporate interior design, residential interior design and retail interior design then D Cubed Interiors can be of assistance. Visit the D Cubed Interiors gallery on their website and view their most recent interior design accomplishments.

  1. Corporate Interior Design for companies in and around the Johannesburg area. Interior design is their absolute passion and their interior design projects are of exceptional quality, with utmost professionalism.
  2. Residential Interior Design that brings you from an empty shell to a completely decorated residence down to the towels in the bath, linens on the bed and food in the fridge.
  3. Retail Interior Design is the art of enhancing a store or restaurant to make it a pleasant place for consumers to spend time in. Retail design includes special overhead and accent lighting, along with careful choice of colours, furnishings, flooring, fabrics and textures to create an appealing place for customers to visit.

Liberty Life – Financial Planner
If you want to get your finances in order in terms of long term insurance, life insurance, retirement funds or medical aid simply contact John Gnodde, a Liberty Broker on 076 012 7077

Online Marketing
Here at Optimus01 we are compelled by a vision to provide affordable yet effective online marketing services that allow business owners and entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd, attract an audience and generate more sales and profits. We’re determined to fulfill this vision with integrity and in a way that serves our customers to the highest degree possible.

  1. Google AdWords Training that contains all of the best practices of advertising on Google to help you grow your business faster!
  2. SEO Company in Johannesburg that offers high quality SEO services at affordable rates.
  3. Website Development that is fast, affordable & reliable.
  4. Website Design that includes google analytics, search engine optimisation, and a focus on visitor conversions.

If you require a prosthodontist, contact Dr Peter Van Der Meulen at his Sandton Prosthodontist Practice. Dr Van Der Meulen has years of experience as a prosthodontist and he will provide you with a beautiful smile and sterling teeth. Visit Dr Van Der Meulen’s website for further information.

Trailer Manufacturer
Trailers and Boxes in Bryanston supplies a variety of trailers for sale such as standard trailers, multi-purpose trailers, and custom trailers. If you would like to purchase a trailer for sale then contact Trailers and Boxes or visit their website.

Product Listings & Reviews

The latest Bitcoin market updates published weekly and how to gain massive return on capital in Bitcoin crypto currency without needing any expertise.

  1. Bitcoin Investment Opportunities for freelance entrepreneurs, students or even moms and dads.

Long Tail Pro Review
Optimus01 in depth, Long Tail Pro review. The all-in-one long tail keyword research tool that finds profitable buyers keywords for your website.

Pregnancy Miracle Book 
The Pregnancy Miracle Book by Lisa Olson is an extensive, easy to follow 5 step ancient Chinese system that has been proven to help woman who are looking to conceive by increasing fertility naturally. All the methods used in the guide are all holistic and natural and this step-by-step pregnancy book has diagrams to ensure everything is easy to understand.

  • Infertility Treatment – Did your doctor suggest to you the typical infertility treatment for pregnancy? Just read what Lisa has to say about all those infertility treatments. Also learn about how to get yourself free such medication and conventional infertility treatments using the Pregnancy Miracle method.

Prince or Princess Review
Prince or Princess Guide of Alicia Pennington’s baby gender selection guide that has helped thousands of couples and families conceive their dream baby using proven, natural and holistic methods.

  • Alicia Pennington Prince or Princess – The Plan My Baby: Prince or Princess Guide by Alicia Pennington provides couples with a 100% natural solution to choosing the gender of their baby. Alicia Pennington’s popular book has helped over 8000 couples around the world to date, with her simple and effective methods.
  • Baby Gender Selection – While one can debate over how ethical baby gender selection is before your baby is born however, it remains fact that there are a few natural ways to determine gender of your baby and increase the chances of having a child of a specific gender.

Reading Head Start Review
The Reading Head Start Program created by Sarah Shepard is a scientifically-verified and simple to follow reading program that requires 15 minutes a day, three days a week.

Red Tea Detox Review
Liz Swann Miller, creator of the Red Tea Detox Program, is a brand-new cleansing program that detoxifies the body and sheds pounds quickly and safely. It allows almost anyone to lose 14lbs in just 14 days.